Get Strong First!

We don’t have to be overly scientific when looking to train our bodies. In order to grow and to become stronger all it takes is some effort and a little common sense. People today want to read article after article on the “science” of training and honestly I think there is too much damn thinking […]

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The Committed vs. The Uncommitted

Today the BRF blog is diving into a topic that makes or breaks just about every endeavor, or pursuit you will ever have in life. This is something that I’m very passionate about and it involves the committed vs. the uncommitted. For starters, I am always excited and honored to meet committed individuals that will set their […]

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An Intro To Indian Club Training

Guest Post By: Don Giafardino Indian club training is one of the oldest forms of exercise. Ancient warriors used clubs in battle and then discovered that by practicing swinging the club it made them stronger and faster. Fast forward to the late 1800’s/early 1900’s when almost every gymnasium had an array of different weight clubs made […]

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