Mastering The Kettlebell Press

When it comes to selecting a lift to complete an intelligently designed strength program I’m a firm believer in looking at the kettlebell press. This is a lift that is unique in it’s own way simply because of the awkward nature that it presents to every respected lifter. Today I want to take a moment […]

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Elevating Strength: Fine Tuning Your Deadlift

The truth is that if you’re into building a respectable level of strength you just about can’t ignore the deadlift. The deadlift is versatile and can be executed in a number of different styles. Regardless of this when pulling the standard deadlift there are some simple tweaks we can make to our technique to significantly […]

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Push Ups: The Power Of Variation

I guess on one hand I could say that I’m always fairly surprised at how poorly so many people struggle do push ups, but then again with the cushy society we live in I can understand why so many people struggle to perform one of the most basic exercises that are available to us in […]

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Inhibition In Movement: A Crime Against Strength

Too many times I witness people¬†wanting to focus on developing strength and they immediately want to pile more and more weight onto the bar in an attempt to grow their strength. I mean this sounds like the logical response in an attempt to produce strength, right? Sure it is…and I’m not saying that it’s not, […]

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