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The Shoulder Fix

Are you experiencing problems with your shoulders? If so then today you’ll want to take the time to tune in and check out some things here that you can apply to potentially remedy the problem. Too much of anything can be bad and today I’m going to explain why this is the case when talking […]

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The Weakness Epidemic

Today’s post is about a topic that I feel needs to be addressed stat. It seems that society today is falling and falling hard. The issue boils down to one single trait that plagues the masses and not only has this trait become accepted by society, but it is actually even encouraged and applauded. Tune in […]

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The Most Neglected Strength Movement…

There have been many times where I’ve examined how people move and determined how they should move based on my experience as a coach and athlete. The reality is that more and more people in the general population are moving worse and worse in this modern era that consists primarily of sitting jobs. Today I’m […]

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Fuelshaker Product Review

So with today’s blogisode BRF is reviewing the very cool and innovative Fuelshaker drink mixer product. This is one of those products that you can’t keep your hands off of because it can do something really cool and different. Keep on reading to find out.

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The MMA Altitude Mask…An Exercise In Futility?

So lately I’ve been seeing these altitude masks floating around with some of the Crossfitters and Jiu Jitsu guys both on the internet and in the MMA school I do part of my training program out of and I’ve been getting some questions about this very strange looking device from some of my students. I […]

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