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Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals

So it’s that time of year again. Every year the crazies go and camp out at stores and miss time in the weight room and with family only to get a small discount on a storefront item. I don’t get it, but if you’re wanting to take an easier path then make sure you just do […]

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Fundamental Strength: Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

Because I train and run an online business I’m frequently witnessing people do things that get my attention when it comes to training. For starters much of the search algorithms that Facebook and YouTube use regularly cause fitness related posts to flow into my newsfeed. Many of these posts are great consisting of colleagues and friends that […]

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Box 2

An Examination Of The Box Jump

The butchering of more complex lifts such as cleans and other Olympic lifts is something that has become more and more prevalent these days since many high schools, small box gyms, and other organizations have bought into the idea that power must be developed solely with the inclusion of Olympic lifting into their training programs. […]

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How Important Is Quality And Time To You?

There is no doubt that today’s discussion is going to be valuable. The only variables that will get you anywhere in life are time management and the quality of life you live, period. These are things that certainly tie into training, but aside from that these are variables that will determine whether you make it […]

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