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Examining The Kettlebell Clean

The kettlebell clean is one of the first movements you can perform with the iron bell because it is a prerequisite point of position for many other movements. I mean if you’re going to lift the bell from the ground to start with then you’ve got to be able to perform the clean. The thing […]

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The Obliteration Of The Shoulder Press

Today’s topic is all about the shoulder press. Now there are obviously several variations of pressing that one can implement to become a rock hard weight room cowboy. However, for today’s topic the issue is about where the focus of energy is in our bodies when we go about executing a press. Keep on reading […]

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Gnarly Nutrition Supplement Review

So I just recently took a trial run at personally testing out a couple of the Gnarly Nutrition supplement lines. Those of you who know me know that I don’t typically use supplements to a large degree, but when I do it is generally out of necessity.

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10 Lessons For Building Strength

I’m always finding myself getting irritated when people talk about strength with an uninformed or improper perception on what all is involved with acquiring it. It seems to me that folks tend to not have a grasp on what strength development is, what all it can involve, and why they should be striving for in order to acquire […]

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So You Want To Be A Personal Trainer Or Coach?

So lately I’ve been getting some emails in my inbox with questions about what all is involved with becoming a fitness trainer or coach. Well that’s a loaded question, but today I figured I would lay out some of the expectations of what all is involved and what you can look forward to should you […]

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