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The Gladiator Workout

Today the purpose of training is to ramp up your physical performance in warrior style fashion. Like a gladiator you need to be able to twist, jump, run, and throw like your life depends on it. Well today The Gladiator Workout is going to help to provide you with just that!

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The Sith Workout

Sometimes you just have to put your finger on the valve and let the pressure off. One way to do this effectively and in a positive manner is by taking your frustrations out on the iron in the gym. Just like a Sith Lord at times you’ve just got to let your emotions take over […]

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Training For Symmetry And Performance

So how many times have you walked into your local gym and seen the guy with all chest and no back? What about the guy that doesn’t realize thatĀ the squat rack actually exists and perhaps believesĀ it should be used for curling instead of…(you guessed it) squatting? Neglecting to train for symmetry can certainly get a […]

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Master The Basics And Your Focus

One of the traps that I often experience new trainees falling for is the lack of focus and attention to specificity. Specificity (meaning you are working towards honing a specific skill) is vital to the success of your strength development. Performance can only come from smart practice which is why I decided to talk about […]

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