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The Benefits Of Anti-Pattern Strength

So what is anti-pattern strength (movement)? In short an anti-pattern movement is one that encompasses bracing the body at it’s center mass while maintaining a neutral spine position. The movements of flexion, rotation, and extension are kept in check by maintaining the braced neutral position of the spine during an anti-pattern exercise.

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The Psychology Of Strength

When it comes to training there is just as much, if not more, of a psychological aspect that needs to be nurtured as there is a physical one. Today I want to dive into the mental aspect of training and what strategies I prefer to implement with both my students and myself, as well as […]

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The Bench Press…Overrated?

So the topic of today’s discussion is going to involve the good ole bench press. So what can I say about the bench press other than the fact that it is probably the most misused and abused exercise involving the upper body and free weights since the invention of strength training, period. Often trainees that […]

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Why Box Jumps Aren’t A Conditioning Drill

So today I decided to get away from improper squatting, improper deadlifting, and improper kettle bell swing technique and address the improper use of the box jump exercise. Basically I’m going to hit on why box jumps shouldn’t be used as a conditioning drill in your program. If you’re using them for that reason then […]

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