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The Momentum Of Strength Revealed

One of the things I’m always hammering away on with my students is the importance of momentum. Momentum is a funny thing. I say it’s a funny thing because momentum goes both ways. It can be positive or negative and when it comes to achieving gains and making sh*t happen at the end of the […]

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The Kettlebell Snatch: How To Get It Right!

One of the coolest weapons you could have in your arsenal of lifts for physical training is the kettle bell snatch.┬áMan…talk about a dynamic lift that involves serious power, grace, technical control, and can still build the endurance of a champion. The kettle bell snatch is certainly one of my biggest go tos for overhead […]

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The Gladiator Workout

Today the purpose of training is to ramp up your physical performance in warrior style fashion. Like a gladiator you need to be able to twist, jump, run, and throw like your life depends on it. Well today The Gladiator Workout is going to help to provide you with just that!

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