120 Day Functional Fitness Training Program

Finally a training program that will get you back into the saddle of life! 

I get it. You’ve been frustrated with not being able to move and do the things you could before in terms of your functional fitness. You’ve struggled with finding a training program that will elevate your fitness and ability to perform. To put it simple…you’re ready to elevate and live your life! You’re also tired of not being happy with what you see in the mirror every morning.

Well you don’t have to be discouraged anymore. You deserve better than everything I just mentioned and I promise you that it’s absolutely obtainable and realistic. 

So what is functional fitness? I define functional fitness as you having the ability to possess the strength, skill, and ability to execute movements that mimic real life and sport activities with confidence and without inhibition! Read more below for how this program will significantly enhance your life! 

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Functional Fitness 

This new program is a 120 Day training program that is designed to transform your body and mind for the rest of your life. You’ll never look at your training the same. This 120 Day program will help you to perform and to be more physically capable to do most any real life activity by being stronger from head to toe. You’ll get stronger and fitter, but you’ll develop the kind of strength that you need in order to make it easier to perform most any physical task that comes your way while being more resistant to injury from doing so. 
I have developed in this product a clear explanation of a step by step plan to walk you through daily workouts to enhance your fitness, function, and life. Each workout is designed to help you to progress daily, weekly, and monthly to become fitter, better conditioned, and to achieve optimal health. Because of this program you’ll be better able to perform the following activities with a SUPERIOR level of physical ability and CONFIDENCE…
  • Handle that tough new construction project
  • Chopping wood 
  • Moving furniture
  • Landscaping
  • Hauling lumber
  • Changing a flat tire
  • Navigate rough terrain
  • Compete and be more dominant in a sport 
  • Tackle an adventure race
  • Dominate an obstacle course
  • And Much Much More!


Exclusive video bank that is unique to this product containing 63 demonstration videos (You can’t get them anywhere else!)

Product recommendation section

Training articles, and much more!

You Will Also Train In 4 Different Elements Of This Program To Help Prepare You For What I Just Mentioned. These 4 Key Elements include…

1. Movement Preparation/Mobility
2. Strength
3. Conditioning
4. Recovery
This program also explains the significance of the 7 foundational movements of strength along with unlocking the vault to physical function by giving you practical understanding with the workouts to train you on how to move through the 3 planes of motion.
 Training is designed in a well-organized and efficient manner to achieve the following…
-Eliminate possible imbalances in your current routine, as well as in your posture and muscular development
-Achieve optimal performance by creating optimal physical and mental recovery
-To become strong and injury-resistant
-To obtain real world cardio conditioning
-Have more confidence in your physical and mental abilities
-And most importantly to function far better in everyday life
The following images are Brandon Richey Fitness students that have all pursued their athletic and functional fitness goals using the functional program. They are all competitive in both life and sports. They are young professionals, competitive athletes, and business owners that want to live a functionally fit lifestyle. They all live the lifestyle have been students of mine directly over the years! 

Brandon Richey Fitness student Jeremy Broughman getting on the functional fitness

Brandon Richey Fitness student Rafid Haque looking strong and ready after functional fitness program prior to a Muay Thai event.

Brandon Richey Fitness student Jeff Luk getting in functional fitness through athletic conditioning.

Brandon Richey Fitness student, obstacle course racer, and dirt bike enthusiast Dan Ryan getting after the Functional Fitness program during kettlebell swings.

Brandon Richey Fitness student and female fighter Victoria Debroux getting in some single arm kettlebell swings during a functional fitness session.








David improving his Jiu Jitsu training after the functional fitness program.

Rafid Haque pre-fight and ready for battle after hammering away on improving his functional fitness with my program.

My good friend and former U.S. National Muay Thai champion Jeff Perry getting on track with the functional fitness program with the kettlebell training workout included in the plan.

Brandon Richey Fitness student and garage gym warrior Brian Saling sending in a photo of his personal dungeon after a functional fitness workout.

A group of Brandon Richey Fitness students Desiree, Dan, and Jeff crushing a kettlebell workout together included within the functional fitness plan.


FAQ’s for the 120 Day Functional Fitness Program 

  • Question: Coach I used to be in shape, but have fallen off the wagon the past few years. I move well, but I know I’m not in good shape. Would I still be able to do this program? 
  • Answer: Yes! Even though the workouts included in the 120 Day Functional Fitness plan are pre-programmed I include tips to make the workouts scalable for you based on your individual fitness and ability level. Additionally the first 30 days of the 120 day program include a preliminary set of workouts that are designed to help you to adapt in order to prepare you for the more advanced 90 days of the program. 
  • Question: Coach do I need equipment for this program? 
  • Answer: Yes. You will need access to standard equipment for this program. There is a gear list included inside the program with all the specifics you will need to have access to regarding your workouts. The bigger equipment involves your standard barbells, plates, kettlebells, and medicine balls. Other equipment for the conditioning includes agility cones, agility ladders, and plyo-boxes. 
  • However if you don’t have that type of equipment I can recommend some easy substitutions that you can use in order to get in your workouts. An example would be that if you don’t have agility cones a simple and very cheap substitution could include used water bottles, aluminum cans, or even chalk to mark on the ground. The program is designed to allow for such adjustments. 
  • Question: Coach I have had a severe knee injury in the past. I tore my ACL, but it was repaired with surgery. I can squat and lunge, but am wondering if I can perform the conditioning movements such as sprints and jump rope? 
  • Answer: Yes. You can absolutely participate in the program. Keep in mind that the program is scalable and inside the program I will instruct you to reach out to me if you don’t feel comfortable about a certain movement, or if you need a more viable substitution. I would instruct you to be careful about any lateral movements (side to side) and if you need help just reach out to me. I encourage you to do so if you feel necessary as I want you to be able to work through the entire program to achieve all the results! 
  • Keep in mind that even though the workouts are pre-programmed I can always recommend an easy substitution for you if you have any doubts at all about a certain movement. In addition to this the program is also progressive in nature so much of what you will experience is that it will gradually become more and more challenging over time allowing you some time to adapt your fitness. However if there is any doubt with a movement all you have to do is email me and I’ll coach you through it. 
  • Question: Coach I have a 18 year old teenage daughter that is a competitive soccer player. She loves the sport, but needs to continue to improve her strength. Would it help her soccer? 
  • Answer: Yes, your daughter can absolutely do this program. The 120 day functional fitness program is designed for human function which is the premise of athleticism. 
  • As long as your daughter is willing to follow instructions and is capable of maintaining commitment with the workouts she would do great with the 120 day program. Additionally if you she needs help with the exercises, or exercise terminology the exercise video bank is included with the program to help her. This program is perfect for helping athletes to get better and stronger in their respective sports. 
  • Question: Coach I have a desk job and am stuck behind a desk all day long for 6 to 8 hours 5 days a week. I have recently been dealing with low back pain and general muscle stiffness. I know I’ve allowed my fitness to suffer, but was wondering if the 120 day would be a good fit for me? What do you think? 
  • Answer:  Absolutely. I would absolutely encourage you to engage in the 120 Day program. Remember this 120 day program is divided into 4 elements to address different aspects of human function. Element #1 is mobility and movement preparation. 
  • This part of the program is where I’ve included movements to help you to prime your hips and shoulder joints to get you ready for optimal movement. Often times tight restricted hips and hamstrings can result in low back pain and the drills included in the mobility and movement prep section are designed to help you to fix that problem so that you can move unrestricted during the training portion of the program. 
  • Of course if you have any questions about additional exercises to help I can provide those upon request.
So coach who is this program for?
I’d like to say that this 120 Day functional fitness program is for almost everyone and for the most part it is. However it’s reasonable to say that some really good matches would involve the following people in these scenarios. 
  • The garage gym warrior: This program is great for those that have furnished home, or garage gyms. Yes, equipment is required, but aside from the main equipment involving barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells the performance equipment can be easily substituted with practical in home materials. 
  • The fitness enthusiast, or athlete that has gotten out of shape: If you’ve been an active individual, or a former athlete that has allowed yourself to get out of shape then this is the perfect program for you to get yourself back on track! This is designed for you to gradually build you up, but to challenge you within that 120 day training window! 
  • The serious athlete: Yes, if you happen to be a serious athlete currently competing for a sport and you want to follow a program to get you dialed in athletically you would be a good fit here. The 120 day will get your body strong and well conditioned from head to toe. Remember it’s designed to be scalable so this program can be scaled up to challenge more serious athletic competitors! 
  • The single man or woman: Now I want to clarify this one. Sure the 120 day is going to be great for both married and single people alike. However, the reason I am including the single class of men and women here is that I’ve often witnessed that singles typically hit a life change during the time they are single which is why a shift towards fitness and health can be a tremendous outlet and of great benefit. Of course married people are a great fit, but if you’re single and happen to be in need of a life change then the 120 day would be a great fit for you! 
  • The rugged outdoors person: This program is going to be a homerun if you enjoy being outdoors. Now to be clear the workouts don’t necessarily call for you to train outdoors, but much of the conditioning portions of the 120 day can be done outdoors. Plus if you enjoy being active outdoors in general then this program will enhance your ability to perform and enjoy outdoor activities to a greater degree. 
  • The person that likes to follow an effective plan: During my 18 year career of coaching and training athletes from all different backgrounds the trainees that get the greatest results are always the ones that are the most coachable. I know this may seem like an obvious statement, but not all individuals are coachable. However if you like following a plan and demonstrating some real sticktoitiveness while witnessing the results come on week after week then this is definitely the program for you! 
  • The results oriented individual: Yeah, I think this one speaks for itself. 
Keep in mind that each workout is to be performed as specified. Each workout is scalable based on your individual fitness level and personal needs. 


You will at times be challenged and at other times you won’t be challenged much at all for a particular workout as you progress. This is by design. The 120 day functional program is a comprehensive approach to helping you build and optimize your fitness and to train you to learn how to master your body in a variety of ways as it pertains to human function and movement. 


This is the pinnacle of human function. If you are capable of demonstrating consistency and devoting your time to keep chopping wood (metaphorically speaking) by following through with each workout and giving your best effort you WILL transform your fitness and your body. 


Stay the course and take your fitness and performance to an entirely new level!
Like all my programs this comes with a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee! If after 30 days of the functional strength workouts you are not satisfied I will refund you no questions ASKED! The program will be delivered as a downloadable PDF to the email you provide.

Take your training to the next level with this exclusive eBook from me Online!

A Personal Note And My Goal For You Along With The Origin And The Purpose Of This Program …

Functional Fitness, Atlanta Strength Coach, Atlanta Fitness

This was me a couple weeks prior to finishing my final edit of this 120 day program. I worked a year and a half from the first iteration of the book to the final edit! I know you’re going to love it!

The Physical Aspect

At the end of the day if you lack the ability to possess the strength, skill, and ability to execute movements that mimic real life and sport activities with confidence and without inhibition then you’re setting yourself up for injury and a battery of health issues…period. 

Look I’m not going to sit here and and try to preach to you as I bang away on this keyboard. I’m certainly not talking down to you so please don’t interpret this in that way because that is NOT my intention. I really do just want the best for you. 

I’m just telling you all of this because I literally have nearly 20 years in the fitness business and have trained thousands of people with all different kinds of goals, I’ve written over 2 million words of content, I’m a top featured author on Quora for fitness content, and have had one of the top 10 best fitness blogs on the internet voted in by the viewers of the popular fitness site Breaking Muscle. 

Oh and I forgot to mention that I published this program (or training book) along with SEALGrinderPT and the programming has the approval of a U.S. Navy SEAL. That’s right, you read that correctly. I’m not telling you all of this pat myself on the back. No, I’m merely telling you because I’ve been in many rodeos (figuratively speaking) in terms of my experience in the fitness industry and strength world. 

Now just to clarify this doesn’t mean the program is meant to be so hard that it’s designed to make you quit. No, that is not the purpose here. The point is that it is sound in being challenging when necessary and at times not so challenging, but the ultimate goal is progressing you to get you to an optimal level of health, fitness, and strength…period. 

The Mental Aspect

I don’t know what you’ve read about me here on the site in terms of my recent life story in the past 3 to 4 years. Sure I’ve lived a dynamic life and have been blessed to have been able to meet and work with a lot of people having been in this business now for 18 years. 

However like anyone else I’ve had my share of ups and downs. To let the truth be known I lost someone close to me nearly 4 years ago. It wasn’t a death, but it sure felt like it. At that time I also had spent a year in another part of my business working on a project that ended up not producing a thing. 

My business took a serious financial hit, I fell into a depression, and completely isolated myself for about a year. Sure I would see people through work and business, but though my body was present my mind was not. I suffered from anxiety and a lack of sleep. I was 38, alone, broke, and just existing. 

Despite all of this there was the voice of craziness and doubt inside my head that had never been there before. That doubtful voice was what I referred to as the Doubt Monster. It was loud and it didn’t take much to feed that Doubt Monster and for it to gain a lot of strength. 

So I realized one day that I had a choice. I realized that this person just existing and allowing that Doubt Monster to rage in my mind wasn’t me. So I started listening and boy did I listen hard. I knew there was another voice. I knew that other voice was me and he was starting to stand up after life had hit him with a pretty good shot. 

That’s right. The real me was starting to get up. The real me was starting to get pissed. The real me needed to be fed with something that would make me strong enough to fight off that Doubt Monster, to wrestle that beast to the ground, slam it into a cage, and throw away the damn key. 

So how did I do this? Well believe it or not I turned to the only thing I knew. Even though I’m a professional strength coach and trainer I started doubling and tripling down on my own fitness. That’s right, I started getting in 4 days of strength, 2 days of HIIT conditioning, and even 2 days of Muay Thai practice. 

I started documenting my programming and experimenting more and more with how to stress my body. I didn’t have a single cheat meal for 25 straight weeks. You may read all of this and think damn coach you were a little crazy…and quite frankly I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with you. 

However what I didn’t realize then that I do realize now is that what I was going through was helping me to create this very program. That’s right. I found myself in the midst of a life event and having to overcome what was for me a difficult time in my life. 

For me to do it I knew I had to make myself stronger. Sure I was getting strong and fit physically…and boy I was for sure. But I was also using the physical aspect of this training to dial in my mental focus and to toughen my mind and spirit.  

Instead of letting that Doubt Monster bite on me I started biting that SOB back with a vengeance. It helped me to manage myself so that I could dig my way out of a depression. No drugs, no alcohol, not even sugar was used during this process. 

I’m not casting any judgments on those that happen to fall victim to those things, but I’m merely saying this was my drug of choice. This was what I used to defeat that Doubt Monster and it’s something I want to be able to share with you to harden your mental edge and physical body. 

I must say that I’m very proud of this program. It’s one that I’ve devoted a lot of time to in order to share it with you so that you can have something that you can believe in that will work for you..because I guarantee you it will! It was born from a very real place and my students can vouch for that as well. 

So what are you what are you waiting for? 

Why would you postpone self-improvement? 

Start overcoming your own life obstacles and if you have to fight your own Doubt Monster this is just the shot in the arm you need! 

Get started now! 

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Upon your purchase and your start of the use of this program you acknowledge that you and you alone are completely and fully responsible for the applications of the movements provided and that if you become injured, sick, disabled, or even dead that Brandon Richey Fitness LLC, or any and all related parties are not responsible.  You acknowledge that you and you alone are completely and fully responsible for all risks involved in this exercise program.

You must get your physician’s approval before beginning this exercise program, especially if you have any medical condition or injury that contraindicates physical activity. This program is designed for healthy individuals 18 years and older. These recommendations are not medical guidelines but are for educational purposes only.