120 Day Functional Fitness Training Program

So what is functional fitness? I define functional fitness as you having the ability to possess the strength, skill, and ability to execute movements that mimic real life and sport activities with confidence and without inhibition! Read more below for how this program will significantly enhance your life! 

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This new program is a 120 Day training program that is designed to transform your body and mind for the rest of your life. You’ll never look at your training the same. This 120 Day program will help you to perform and to be more physically capable to do most any real life activity by being stronger from head to toe. You’ll get stronger and fitter, but you’ll develop the kind of strength that you need in order to make it easier to perform most any physical task that comes your way while being more resistant to injury from doing so. 
I have developed in this product a clear explanation of a step by step plan to walk you through daily workouts to enhance your fitness, function, and life. Each workout is designed to help you to progress daily, weekly, and monthly to become fitter, better conditioned, and to achieve optimal health. Because of this program you’ll be better able to perform the following with a SUPERIOR physical ability and CONFIDENCE…
  • Handle that tough new construction project
  • Chopping wood 
  • Moving furniture
  • Landscaping
  • Hauling lumber
  • Changing a flat tire
  • Navigate rough terrain
  • Compete and be more dominant in a sport 
  • Tackle an adventure race
  • Dominate an obstacle course
  • And Much Much More!


Exclusive video bank that is unique to this product containing 63 demonstration videos (You can’t get them anywhere else!)

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You Will Also Train In 4 Different Elements Of This Program To Help Prepare You For What I Just Mentioned. These 4 Key Elements include…

1. Movement Preparation/Mobility
2. Strength
3. Conditioning
4. Recovery
This program also explains the significance of the 7 foundational movements of strength along with unlocking the vault to physical function by giving you practical understanding with the workouts to train you on how to move through the 3 planes of motion.
 Training is designed in a well-organized and efficient manner to achieve the following…
-Eliminate possible imbalances in your current routine, as well as in your posture and muscular development
-Achieve optimal performance by creating optimal physical and mental recovery
-To become strong and injury-resistant
-To obtain real world cardio conditioning
-Have more confidence in your physical and mental abilities
-And most importantly to function far better in everyday life
Like all my programs this comes with a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee! If after 30 days of the functional strength workouts you are not satisfied I will refund you no questions ASKED! The program will be delivered as a downloadable PDF to the email you provide.

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