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“Learn How To Master Your Body To Get Strong, Ripped, And More Athletic 4 Weeks At A Time!”


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The BRF Total Strength Method:

Online Coaching Module #2


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So who is The BRF Total Strength Method for? This Module is for that athlete or fitness junkie that has been easing into their training lately with a bit more intensity and drive and aren’t quick to shy away from a challenge. This module would benefit those able bodied individuals that are serious about their strength and fitness gains and are genuinely looking for a plan to get them to a higher level of fitness and strength.

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Intermediate To Advanced Strength Development Online Coaching Program 

Welcome to the BRF online coaching platform and if you have completed Module 1 then welcome back for Module 2. There’s only one way to get fit and strong and that is by combining smart training with effort! The benefit of utilizing this program is that it allows me to basically train you anywhere at anytime. This intermediate to advanced strength development program is structured and built to be the total package in helping you to acquire a lean strong body fit for most any physical task.

The BRF Total Strength Method is the second installment in a series of online progressive strength development models. Here Module 2 is a direct continuation and linear progression of Module 1. It’s a step up in intensity and is guaranteed to push you to the next level.

If this is your first visit to the BRF online coaching platform you’re probably asking How does this work? Once you purchase the program you will receive a training program with a month worth of workouts (12 at 3 days/week).

Each workout will address something different and include the warm up, the exercises, set to rep schemes, recommended equipment, manual therapy (myofascial release), and stretching. It’s comprehensive and is built to get you further than the first Module! This program is meant to help you develop a rock solid level of strength to prepare you for your sport and the next series of BRF online training modules!

There’s More…

Each training program will also contain video instruction to put to rest any questions you may have regarding what an exercise is, or how to perform it with proper technique. In addition to this you will also receive an invitation to join a private Facebook discussion group that is only accessible by other BRF online members. You will also have direct access to me here with any questions regarding your program. Also the idea is to build a community of like minded individuals to help one another in a positive and encouraging environment.

So once again who is the BRF Total Strength Method For? 

Let’s take a look at some personality profiles here that would benefit from the BRF Total Strength Method.

Profile #1: Jerry

Age: 44

Status: Married, Father of 3

Activity Level: Moderate to intense, but Jerry is serious about fitness

Even though Jerry is now married with 3 kids and his intensity level in training has slightly fallen off he has always been serious about fitness. Jerry is former military and is as disciplined as you can get about getting things done, especially when faced with a challenge.

Jerry has been steadily ramping up his strength training for the past month and is now looking for something a little more advanced and structured to push him to the next level. Jerry is a great candidate for the BRF Total Strength Method online coaching module.

Profile #2: Eve

Age: 36

Status: Married, mother of 1

Activity Level: Moderate to intense, but is really interested in building strength and leaning up.

Eve has always been a good athlete and has a very competitive drive. She doesn’t possess the same time to devote to training as she had when she was in her 20’s. Being a busy mom she learns to make time in her schedule now and wants to devote a set amount of time towards building a lean strong body with a challenging strength program.

Eve moves relatively well and has even engaged in some more consistent barbell and dumbbell lifting for the past couple months. She’s knows proper deadlift and squatting technique and is starting to make some gains, but is looking for a more structured plan to get her to the next level. Eve is a great candidate for the BRF Total Strength Method online coaching module.

Profile #3: Candace

Age: 20

Status: Single

Activity Level: Intense.

Candace has been a serious competing athlete in soccer and she just loves being active. She has a strong competitive edge to her and is always looking for ways to make herself better. She is even looking to step up her soccer game as she may have a chance at playing for a Women’s Premier Soccer League team.

Because of her serious competitive needs Candace wants to engage in a strength program to help her overcome some imbalances and weaknesses she may have in her body. She wants to be strong and minimize the risk of having an injury. Candace is a great candidate for the BRF Total Strength Method online training module.

As you can see this particular online coaching module can appeal to a fairly wide demographic. If you fit, or resemble any of the above profiles then you are a perfect match for this online program. Just keep in mind that the BRF method demands ONLY 2 things from every individual. First, you must be capable of following instructions, and second you must go at your training with a 110% ball busting effort! If you are capable of these 2 things you WILL get the results you want.

Let’s Recap What You Are Investing In…

  • One month, or 12 complete strength workouts
  • Complete total body training utilizing essential primary movements
  • Complete video instruction
  • Instant access to a private Facebook discussion group for training questions, or other inquiries
  • The BRF Online Testing Form so that you can measure your progress with a pre and post-test for strength to chart your results
  • A direct line to me within the discussion group for any clarification on lifting techniques or programming inquiries
  • A FREE nutrition guide 
  • And lastly you are building the physical foundation to take on the next 2 online training modules!!!

This easily carries a complete value of $1000! Keep in mind that if you trained with me directly 1 on 1 the cost could be anywhere from $80 to $125 per hour. Even with a group class you’d still be paying anywhere from $15 to $30 per session! This still doesn’t factor in the cost of all the video access, the discussion board, comprehensive nutrition plan, and access to testing forms.

Also if you are dissatisfied with the product in any way then I will give you your money back. That’s right I am a reasonable man and I will always do right by you 100% guaranteed! The thing is that if you have that drive to attack your goals with consistency, discipline, and can follow instructions I’m not worried about it, because you will get the results you want out of the BRF Total Strength Method…Guaranteed!

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