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2 Intense Kettlebell Exercises For Explosive Running Speed!

2 Intense Kettlebell Exercises For Explosive Running Speed!

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For ground blazing speed and the chance to crush your opposition you have got to incorporate some smart lifting strategies into your workouts if you expect to achieve an edge.  If you want to learn about 2 unique ways of doing this unlike anything else then you need to tune in to read the rest of this article. Linear speed is a beautiful thing, but the training can be down right ugly my friend.

2 Intense Exercises For Explosive Running Speed

1.  Kettlebell Drags: In order to generate the speed and power you desire you have got to work the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, back, etc.).  This is the only way you can glide over the ground like a rocket and surpass all of your old running times.  I don’t care if you play tennis, football, or you are a world class sprinter you have got to engage your body in big core movements while putting the stress on your posterior muscles if you expect to eat up some serious real estate in an athletic event. This is why kettlebell drags are so great!

Thats right, I said kettlebell drags. Once again the iron bell proves to be more versatile than most any other tool in the wide wide world of strength and conditioning. In order to pull off this drill you will want to have the availability of either a single bell or pair of bells of equal weight. Make sure the load is fairly heavy.  You don’t want the weight so heavy that it bogs you down, but you do want it to be challenging for a continuous 10 to 15 yard drag.  Mark off a distance of about 10 to 15 yards outside on some flat ground.  To execute the drill simply bend down and grab the bell or bells with each hand and with a strong flat back start dragging them as you back pedal towards the marked off end of your designated working distance.  As you drag the bells on the ground try to maintain your sense of direction by back pedaling in a straight line.  You will also want to make sure you maintain a wide base with your feet that is about slightly wider than shoulder width. After several rounds of these you will understand the true meaning of “sprinter muscles!”

2.  Overhead Kettlebell Press And Lunge: This particular kettlebell exercise is one that will take your running power and explosiveness to the next level. In addition to working your posterior chain you must have a strong core, balance, and total mobility in order to be fast.  This lift is great for helping you with all 3 of those traits.  In order to pull off this exercise you will need the availability of a single bell of moderate resistance. Begin the drill by cleaning and racking the bell at your chest. From here you are going to lunge step forward while simultaneously pressing the bell at the lunge. As you return to the standing position from the lunge you will want to lower the kettlebell from overhead back to the racked position. In addition to making sure that you lunge and press the weight together make sure that you are performing the exercise at opposite sides. For instance, if you are lunging forward with your left leg you will want the kettlebell in your right hand. This ensures balance and proper body control throughout the lift.

In order to develop that linear athletic speed that intimidates people you have got to have a smart training plan in place and this is where kettlebells come into place. Remember that most any athlete can train hard, but only the champions train smart my friend!



Brandon Richey is a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), author, coach, and loves the thought of having the need for speed and strength for just about any "just in case" kinda moment. Brandon strives to write and train with a thought out driven purpose in mind for his readers. He likes to help his readers/trainees to drive their thinking beyond just the physical traits of obtaining strength, but by also helping them to try and exercise their "minds" as well. He likes to think he has a pretty good sense of humor, but also likes to portray the whole "hard" look too from time to time because, according to him, there is a time and a place for each to be expressed. He always finishes with the tagline that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!

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