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4 Killer Medicine Ball Drills For MMA Fight Strength

4 Killer Medicine Ball Drills For MMA Fight Strength

The original publishing date of today’s article was back on July 30, 2018, but I thought today was a good day to bring this particular piece out of the archives.

Over my career I’ve come to realize that a lot of fighters starting out tend to enjoy being garage gym warriors when it comes to getting in their strength training outside of the fight school. So for today’s topic of discussion I wanted to bring this article to the forefront as I know it will help you if you happen to fall into that category of being a garage gym warrior…whether you’re a fighter, or not.

Read and apply!

  1. Are you currently looking for some unique strength drills to enhance your MMA fight strength? 
  2. Are you currently incorporating a strength and conditioning program for your MMA fight performance? 
  3. Are you currently training with medicine balls for your fight strength and performance? 
  4. Are you looking to build power, speed, and reaction time for your MMA fight strength? 

One of the most overlooked hidden treasures in many gyms these days are medicine balls. Medicine ball training is one of the most overlooked training implements when it comes to building power and athleticism because most people don’t really know how to leverage this awesome training implement. When it comes to fight strength and performance I’m here to tell you that this training implement can serve your fight performance well…and I’m going to show you how here in this article!

Medicine Ball Drills For Fight Strength

1) Medicine Ball Power Slams: If the goal is about producing power and rapid force for striking then the medicine ball power slam is a hell of a drill to help you to develop that very trait and it’s commonly overlooked as a solid go to for fight strength.

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To perform this drill you want to utilize a soft jam ballistic medicine ball that you can forcefully slam into the ground using your entire body.

Begin this drill by holding the ball above your head and slamming it down tight between your feet as you flex your ankles, knees, and hips to aid in a rapid squat descent to drive the ball into the ground. From here there should be a small bounce of the ball coming off the ground. Try to catch the ball off this small hop and immediately extend your body to perform a subsequent rep with speed and intensity.

A few things to note: When performing this drill make sure to perform the slams with speed and do them in continuous succession. Make sure to fully extend your body at the beginning of the slam and to get your hips down at the base of the slam.

Perform 3 sets of 6 to 10 reps on your power training days.

2) Medicine Ball Rotational Throws: This is a great medicine ball drill to get you more proficient in moving in the transverse plane of motion. Moving in this plane of motion is crucial for helping you to develop rotational strength which is absolutely necessary for MMA fight strength and martial arts performance.

With this drill it’s ideal to use a large soft throw ball for grip and weight. You want to begin this drill and stand with your feet at hip distance apart in length.

From here bring the ball from your hip and directly across your body as you pivot your front foot to load your back leg for the throw. You can perform these throws for distance, or up against a wall to catch and recoil for several throws in succession.

A few things to note: Keep your body tall as you make the throw and be very conscious of pivoting your front foot to optimize your rotational ability. Focus on throwing the ball for both height and distance simultaneously.

Perform 3 sets of 4 to 7 throws in each direction (left and right sides) on your power training days.

3) Overhead Medicine Ball Throw: This medicine ball drill will hone your leg power and athleticism. Incorporating the overhead medicine ball throw is going to be a tremendous asset to your training arsenal in terms of developing greater fight strength.

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The reason for this is because this drill trains your lower limbs for triple extension. Triple extension of your ankles, knees, and hips is what will help you to develop a very high level of athleticism.

Training this triple extension aids you in developing tremendous leg power and this will feed your ability to produce tremendously powerful kicks, agility, and reaction time all of which are incredibly necessary in the ring.

Perform this drill by squatting down to grab the ball on the sides and slightly underneath the ball in order to “cup” it between your hands. From here ascend up out of the squat with enough force to extend your ankles, knees, and hips as you granny toss the ball over the back of your head.

A few things to note: As you ascend up out of the squat to throw the ball overhead make sure that you aim to throw the ball by focusing on both height and distance as you extend your body to make the throw. Also you ideally want to jump as you elevate your body to make the throw.

Perform 3 sets of 4 to 7 reps and turn to run and get the ball to immediately get back into position to make a subsequent throw until you have completed the designated number of reps.

4) Rotational Medicine Ball Slams: This drill will teach you to rotate about your axis while developing dynamic core strength and power that is essential for striking and throwing bodies during grappling.

To perform this drill you want to use a soft jam medicine ball. Lift the ball above head and pivot both feet as you flex at your ankles, knees, and hips to forcefully throw and slam the medicine ball into the ground. Catch the ball off of the first hop and lift it above head in order to pivot your feet to the opposite side for another immediate slam.

Continue this pattern alternating slams on both sides for the designated number of reps. Perform 3 sets of 4 to 7 reps on each side on your power training days.

A few things to note: Fully extend your body bringing the medicine ball overhead before performing each slam. Make sure to perform the slams in continuous succession.

Medicine Ball Drills For Fight Strength: The Takeaway

The best training plans often involve the simplest options. The value of medicine ball training is often overlooked by many, but when effectively applied to your strength and conditioning program it can yield some major results.

Are you currently using medicine balls in your strength and conditioning program? 

What medicine ball drills are you currently using for your fight strength and fitness program? 

Post up and share in the comments here below. 

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