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Brandon Richey Fitness Products And Training Programs

Brand New Product: 30 Introductory HIIT Workouts

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In this program you can expect to become more proficient in basic bodyweight HIIT (High- Intensity Interval Training) conditioning. You can use this program of HIIT workouts as an add-on other exercise program you are following. What you can expect to learn and apply from these workouts is to achieve shorter time efficient workouts and to burn a maximum number of calories during each training session.

Brand New Product: 30 Introductory Kettlebell Workouts

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In this program of kettlebell workouts you can expect to focus on your total body strength and to become more proficient in basic kettlebell movements. You will train in foundational kettlebell exercises to improve your overall fitness and physical foundation.  This program can also be used as an add-on to any other exercise program you are following…particularly if you’re following one of my other programs. Get started today!

  30 Introductory Bodyweight Workouts To Enhance Your Fitness

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This program will train you to become more proficient in basic bodyweight movements and strength, as well as to progress your strength and cardio conditioning, the baseline of your overall conditioning. This will prepare you to progress to my other more advanced programs—and to help you to be more physically functional for life in general.

Top Product: My New 120 Day Plan To Powerful Functional Fitness

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This training program has been in design for well over a year now and is packed full of information which is why it’s listed on top here in the products. I wrote the entire program and SEALGrinderPT published and put their big stamp of approval on it! That’s right, I wanted to make this program just for you and design it to be of the highest standard and to help you produce real results!

This plan consists of 120 workouts, a video bank consisting of 63 videos for exercise demonstration, articles, a product recommendation section, a breakdown of the 4 elements of this program’s design, coach’s contacts, and much more! This program will transform the way you view your strength and fitness forever.

90 Day MMA Strength And Conditioning Program

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MMA, Fitness, Strength And Conditioning, Combat Fitness

90 Day MMA Strength And Conditioning Program

I wrote this killer 90 Day MMA Strength And Conditioning Program which I collaborated with SEALGrinderPT (SGPT). The owner of SGPT and my friend Brad McLeod is a retired Navy SEAL he has placed his endorsement and stamp of approval on this program along with several rising fighters that have started seeing the benefits from it.

It’s the foundational program that I created for all of my competitive fighters and it comes complete with 90 workouts, fighter interviews, product recommendations, custom supersets, and a complete video bank for you to access for proper exercise instruction. It’s huge for MMA, Combat, and even Military strength and performance, but it’s also a huge asset for serious fitness results as well!

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