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Kettlebells And Personal Training: Atlanta, Buford, Suwanee, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Duluth Georgia

Kettlebells And Personal Training: Atlanta, Buford, Suwanee, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Duluth Georgia

Kettlebell Training, Personal Training, And Athletic Strength and Conditioning For All Sports And Serious Fitness Is Right Here!

If you are curious as to what all is involved in kettlebell training and what building a strong fit athletic body is all about then you need to give your money to me! Thats right I came right out and said it, but before you click off the page let me explain to you the reason why.  You see I’m hoping that first line got your attention and maybe even a little laugh, but along with the humor I am being serious and straight forward at the same time. You see I have been a fitness trainer and strength and conditioning specialist here in the Atlanta, Georgia area now for over 10 years and I have come to notice that most folks DON’T have a clue about how to train their body!


You see we live in an era where humans have lost the ability to move and function.  Because of this obesity is now an epidemic in this country (particularly in the southeastern U.S.)  and there aren’t many qualified trainers out there that can show or tell you any different by having you experience what true functional strength is all about.  This is where I come in.  You see first and foremost you have got to have the mental toughness and internal motivation to get into the best shape of your life. However, even if you have that you still NEED to know where to start and where you want to go.

I have the fortunate opportunity to work with high level athletes and serious fitness junkies on a day to day basis.  All of my clients understand the importance of functional strength and what I am going to have them do in order to improve where they are with their own abilities.  This requires them to be constantly progressing everyday by following a well thought out strategy that I teach them throughout their training program.  Mobility, strength, balance, and flexibility are all important traits in obtaining a lean strong body whether you are a lawyer or a football player!  I can show you how to obtain this optimal level of fitness in a number of different ways which may involve dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and even your own body weight!

Consulting And Program Design For Athletic Teams And Organizations

This is another service that I provide for athletic teams and particular private entities that seek professional help in the effective design and implementation of a well thought out strength and conditioning plan.  I have provided this service for many high schools and businesses in the Gwinnett County area for over 10 years.  I want to be clear that this is something that is negotiated and planned on a case by case basis.  The implementation of this program has been proven to be very successful for all of the teams and organizations that I have worked with in the past.  This program offers both purely strength related design, as well as, athletic performance (speed, agility, power) during the program.  Some organizations have contracted for either one, or the other, and some have done both.

Along the lines of this program I also do speaking engagements and instructional clinics on a regular basis for kettlebell strength training.  Kettlebells are at the center of my strength and conditioning philosophy.  This is a popular program that I have been recently getting a lot more request for.  These clinics are usually done over the course of a scheduled weekend and provide a very direct “inside look” at how I approach my training philosophy, as well as, the proper teaching of the most basic kettlebell lifts and training strategies.   This is one that I highly recommend to you my friend if you have an interest in boosting your knowledge of this very effective strength and conditioning device!

I Will Come To You

I predominately provide my services to the Atlanta, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Buford, Duluth, and Suwanee areas, but I will come to you no matter where you are if necessary.  In a nutshell, if you want to host a clinic all you have to do is pick up the phone and call me to lock it into the schedule.  I will be looking for your phone call or emails.  If you are wanting your teams or coaches to “get ahead” on the most effective training strategies then I will be glad to help anyway that I can. Just be prepared to work and commit to the cause my friend!

If you are one that is looking at starting up with my regular training services then all you have to do is call and schedule.  Along with all of my services you will receive some additional perks.  Along with signing up with me you will receive my well known Better Than Steroids ebook along with my 4000 word Metabolic Enhancer Power Nutrition Guide For FREE!  Both of these documents are great for helping you to accelerate your progress during your fitness strength and conditioning program.  I hope this was enough to convince you that with me you are basically getting a lot! This is another reason you need to pick up that phone and allow us to get to work.  I only like working with folks that have “Heart” and if you feel you have it then don’t hesitate to call my friend.  I very much look forward to speaking with you soon.



Brandon Richey is a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), author, coach, and loves the thought of having the need for speed and strength for just about any "just in case" kinda moment. Brandon strives to write and train with a thought out driven purpose in mind for his readers. He likes to help his readers/trainees to drive their thinking beyond just the physical traits of obtaining strength, but by also helping them to try and exercise their "minds" as well. He likes to think he has a pretty good sense of humor, but also likes to portray the whole "hard" look too from time to time because, according to him, there is a time and a place for each to be expressed. He always finishes with the tagline that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!

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