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Brandon Richey Fitness offers both individual and group strength & conditioning and fitness programs, for all people serious about trying to achieve their physical goals. I am available to contract for specialized training and am also the contracted strength and conditioning coach for MMA, Fitness, and Athletic Performance programming out of Buford, Ga. just outside of Atlanta.

I am also available for group strength and conditioning clinics and consulting for MMA fitness, athletic performance, and programming for athletes serious about getting better within their sport. Whether local, or out of town I can provide programming for you through a variety of platforms. I try to keep my fitness programs simple, practical, and effective in terms of helping you to work towards obtaining your goals.

Just remember that “simple” doesn’t always mean easy. Something can be simple in terms understanding, but be very challenging to execute, particularly when training a weak link. I hope to rid you of your weak links with my coaching programs.

If you are looking for individualized programming I would also encourage you to read through my online coaching here below. This is growing in popularity everyday.

Fitness Programs: Online Coaching

Brandon Richey Fitness student Jeremy about to perform a kettlebell clean to check off a movement in one my online coaching fitness programsBrandon Richey Fitness strength student Victoria Debroux showing off her Women's IKF National title belt after training for weeks with my fitness programs  

The Brandon Richey Fitness programs can be applied to your individual, or group to help you achieve optimal fitness and performance goals regardless of your sport, or life needs. Because of this I also have an variety of individually base Online Coaching Fitness Programs that are available for you if you are self driven, but are looking for an individually based dynamic strength and conditioning program that you can fit into your busy schedule.

My online coaching fitness programs come complete with access to a Video Bank for you to access which contains over 70 videos incorporating movements that address mobility, athletic conditioning, and strength. For more information on my online coaching fitness programs please email me at

Also make sure to follow me and get all my latest updates by clicking on the social media icons here below. I look forward to helping you in any way that I can.

In addition this I would strongly recommend you look into my top programs available here where athletes all over the world are benefiting from the Brandon Richey Fitness programming that I’ve spent over 17 years developing. These are life changing programs and I strongly recommend you give them a try especially if you are a disciplined athlete and fitness enthusiast that is serious about getting results!

Online Programs…

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120 Day Functional Fitness Training Program

Man carrying an atlas stone on his shoulder displaying functional fitness

90 Day MMA Strength And Conditioning Program

Brandon Richey Fitness strength student performing a Muay Thai knee strike after MMA strength and conditioning


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