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Introducing Reliv Nutrition Supplement Line

As a strength and conditioning coach I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work with a variety of different athletes involving everything between the sport of football, to fighters, to figure skaters and everything in between. I’ve never really been a big proponent of supplements because of all the junk that exist in the marketplace. The Reliv Nutrition supplement line got my attention and this is where it started.

Reliv Nutrition: Jeff’s Story

In the past couple years one of my long time strength students, Pro Thai Fighter, and really good friend Jeff Perry (pictured above) had to overcome some tremendous odds. Jeff was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. He ended up having to undergo the most aggressive form of chemo that is administered for this awful disease.

He was literally sent home with a backpack filled with the chemotherapy treatment which was attached to a pump that was on a timer. This pump would kick on at certain times of the day and pump the medicine directly into a port that was surgically placed into his chest giving it direct access to his heart. This was unbelievable.

As amazing as this was the more amazing thing was Jeff’s attitude. Aside from having temporarily lost his hair you would not have known he was going through something so trying and so difficult. After all, everyone may know about Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, but not everyone knows Jeff…not like I do.

You see he’s a fighter for a reason. I had the fortunate opportunity to design his strength and conditioning program back in 2003 where he fought, won, and retained his title against the #8 ranked Thai fighter in the world at that time.

You see Jeff was number 6 in the world in Muay Thai for the 155 lb. weight class and was the US National champion. That’s right, this guy is a machine.

Jeff is one of the nicest and most genuine people you’ll ever meet, but step in the ring with him and he turns into the Terminator. So when it came to fighting cancer Jeff did what he does best.

He worked consistently everyday on his fitness program, he got his nutrition dialed in, and when he needed some help he leveraged the power of the Reliv Nutrition supplement off the recommendation of a mutual friend of ours David Mahle who has helped to spearhead this product to being a huge success. The Reliv Nutrition line helped him to optimize his nutrient intake, particularly since the chemo was depleting his body of what he needed. This is Jeff’s testimony of the product.

The Reliv Nutrition line has extensive medical based studies and the company has 9 patents on a nutrient known as LunaRich. Reliv nutrition prides itself on having the highest quality ingredients prior to the start of manufacturing and maintains a reputation of having pharmaceutical grade quality control of those nutrients all the way through to the end of manufacturing.

Reliv Nutrition: The Science

What’s LunaRich®? A breakthrough nutritional ingredient that optimizes bioactive lunasin more than any other source available today. This is key to Reliv Nutrition line.

What’s lunasin? A naturally occurring soy peptide and the first nutritional compound identified to work at the epigenetic level to promote optimal cell health.

What’s epigenetics? Think of it this way: who you are is written in both pen and pencil. Things written in pen you can’t change. That’s DNA. But things written in pencil you can. That’s epigenetics.

What’s that mean for me? LunaRich products offer you a cutting-edge nutritional approach to take control of your health like never before. They are quite simply the most advanced nutritional formulations on the market today — and they’re available here with Reliv.

As a result of Jeff tapping into leverage the LunaRich supplement along with getting his fitness dialed in to fight the treatment the doctors were blown away at his progress. Lymph nodes started to reduce in size, he got stronger, and now he’s 2 years with only one more maintenance dose left. He’s been cancer free and is stronger now than ever…and I can attest to that.

Reliv Nutrition: Nutritional Epigenetics

Every cell in your body contains the same DNA, or genome. So what makes different cells perform different functions? The answer lies in your epigenome, a higher level of complexity within the cell.

The epigenome consists of DNA packaging material and works as a series of genetic switches. It determines cell function by signaling your genome which genes to turn on and off.

The epigenome also influences how well each cell functions. In the epigenome, the right lifestyle choices trigger healthy gene expression — the healthy genes get switched on, the unhealthy ones get switched off. So while you can’t change your DNA blueprint, you can influence the way that DNA expresses itself.

Nutrition is at the center of it all. And the soy peptide lunasin is the first dietary ingredient identified to affect gene expression and promote optimal health at the epigenetic level. With lunasin, you really can take control of your health.

A display of a 19oz. can of Reliv Now supplement lineIf You’re Interested You Can Start Improving Your Health And Performance By Ordering Yours Here Today! 



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