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Can Mental Toughness Be Coached?

After 15 years of coaching experience, training courses, continuing education, and many other levels of professional and personal development the one single variable that matters most when it comes to building on one’s fitness, strength, and performance is our state of mind. The mental side of life is what carries us. It’s the catalyst and […]

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The CobraZol Sport Review & More

It has been a rather eventful couple of weeks to say the least. If you’ve been following this blog for a while then you know that I do occasionally write product reviews, but ONLY if the product is one that can fill a gap for me, or if the product happens to be in a […]

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Ballistic Strength: Sharpening Your Blade And Your Mind!

Over the years ballistic strength development has seemingly been a lost art with a great deal of the fitness community. Granted many box gyms and individual trainers and coaches are working to inject this particular form of physical training back into the fabric of many programs. After all, ballistic movements are great for keeping the […]

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Mastering The Kettlebell Press

When it comes to selecting a lift to complete an intelligently designed strength program I’m a firm believer in looking at the kettlebell press. This is a lift that is unique in it’s own way simply because of the awkward nature that it presents to every respected lifter. Today I want to take a moment […]

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