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Ballistic Strength: Sharpening Your Blade And Your Mind!

Over the years ballistic strength development has seemingly been a lost art with a great deal of the fitness community. Granted many box gyms and individual trainers and coaches are working to inject this particular form of physical training back into the fabric of many programs. After all, ballistic movements are great for keeping the […]

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Overcome The Weakness Epidemic

Today’s post is about a topic that I feel needs to be addressed stat. To me it seems that society today is falling and falling hard. The issue boils down to one single trait that plagues the masses and not only has this trait become accepted by society, but it is actually even encouraged and applauded. […]

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Your Gait: How To Master Sprinting

So in today’s BRF blogisode special the magical topic of discussion is going to revolve around the art of sprinting. That’s right, your gait is a part of your performance. Yes, we should be lifting AND we should also be sprinting… and doing so the right way.

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