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The Kinetic Chain: Breaking The Weak Link

When Achilles was a little baby his mother dipped him into a river of magic in order to protect him from the world. It worked because Achilles could not be harmed except on the one heel that his mother neglected to submerge in the water because of where she held him when she dipped him […]

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The CobraZol Sport Review & More

It has been a rather eventful couple of weeks to say the least. If you’ve been following this blog for a while then you know that I do occasionally write product reviews, but ONLY if the product is one that can fill a gap for me, or if the product happens to be in a […]

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The Invisible Man: The Plight Of The Strength Coach

Over my 15 year career I’ve had a great deal of experience with recognizing the bread and butter of what makes an athlete, or trainee successful. The thing is that I’ve always explained to parents, trainees, and other sport specific coaches (the coaches of the specific sport being played) that my job is to not […]

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