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Maximum Strength: The Benefits Of Anti-Pattern Strength

So what is anti-pattern strength? In short an anti-pattern movement is one that often encompasses  having to brace the body at it’s center mass while maintaining a neutral spine position. The movements of flexion, rotation, and extension are kept in check by maintaining the braced neutral position of the spine during an anti-pattern exercise. In […]

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How To Optimize Your Strength With Age

Throughout my life there have been many times where I’ve heard some people say things that result in the outcomes that they undoubtedly create…and it’s usually not for the best. For instance, there have been times when some guy that was of the same age, or older would look at me train and make a […]

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Are You Neglecting This Strength Movement?

Part of my job involves examining how people move and to also determine how they should be moving based on my experience as a coach and athlete. The reality is that more and more people in the general population are moving worse and worse in this day and age. This more than likely is because of the […]

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