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Maximum Strength: The Benefits Of Anti-Pattern Strength

So what is anti-pattern strength? In short an anti-pattern movement is one that often encompasses ┬áhaving to brace the body at it’s center mass while maintaining a neutral spine position. The movements of flexion, rotation, and extension are kept in check by maintaining the braced neutral position of the spine during an anti-pattern exercise. In […]

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The Butterfly…How Strength Is A Struggle!

by: Brandon Richey The Butterfly…How Strength Is A Struggle! I know what you are thinking. Brandon, did you just put a picture of a butterfly on your strength and conditioning blog? Yes, I did, but I have a good reason for it. This butterfly has taught me a lesson my friend and I know it’s […]

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Why You Should Be Front Squatting…

by: Brandon Richey Why You Should Be Front Squatting… So I had a friend approach me the other day to ask me about the barbell front squat. He asked, “So B what’s the deal, I mean why not just back squat?” ┬áHe brings up a very good point. Why not just barbell back squat? I […]

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Operation Leg Power!

by: Brandon Richey Operation Leg Power!   For today’s little adventure I’m examining the concept of leg power. The operation of any smartly planned and applied strength and conditioning program should be the development of leg power. There are many measures of this particular physical characteristic and in order to achieve it you’ve got to […]

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Out Train The Game…Fueling The Beatdown!

Can you out train the game? One of my students wore a T-shirt the other night during one of my strength and conditioning sessions that read Out Train The Game! I loved the concept so I stole it so I could plaster it right on the title of this very blog post. Is this possible? […]

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