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3 Power Drills To Improve Your Kicks For MMA

3 Power Drills To Improve Your Kicks For MMA

One thing I’ve learned about martial arts over the years is that the repetitive act of kicking and punching will make you more supple and better able to handle moving the iron in the weight room. The same is true if we reverse that statement as well. Moving the iron well will also make your kicks and punches much much better along with including power drills into your training.

However, even though this is the case during my career I’ve also observed that many martial arts practictioners and competitive fighters will emphasize the practice of the specific skills of their fighting, but will often times neglect incorporating sound elements of strength and conditioning into their program in order to optimize their fight performance. Today I’m going to offer you 3 strength and speed drills to take your kicks to the next level.

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