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4 Mechanical Tactics To Improve Your Strength Besides Lifting Heavy

4 Mechanical Tactics To Improve Your Strength Besides Lifting Heavy

  1. Are you struggling to lift heavy due to injuries and ailments? 
  2. Do you feel like your quality of movement is suffering when you try to lift heavy? 
  3. Have you seen a drop off in your strength because you’re not able to lift heavy as frequently?
  4. Are you wanting to build strength and muscle, but have experienced too much disruption in your normal heavy lifting routine? 

In order to maintain and improve your strength you have to visualize your body as the blade of a knife. If you put that knife away after use and never do anything to consistently sharpen that blade then it will dull and rust. Likewise if you don’t know how to handle the knife you can damage the blade. Your body responds the same way in regards to what you do to improve it’s function. You have to keep the blade sharp and learn how to do so by thinking outside of the realm of always trying to hit the heavy lift…especially at the expense of quality movement.

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