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Dynamic Motion: The Keys To Moving Before Moving

Dynamic Motion: The Keys To Moving Before Moving

This is an older article that I pulled from the archives that I thought was good for explaining the significance of mobility and dynamic motion for your performance. The original publishing date for today’s article was back on June 2, 2016.

If you’re looking to step up your fitness and performance you absolutely need to make sure that your joint mobility and dynamic motion is optimal. If you really want to know how important this is then you need to make sure you read this article in full. Read and apply.

I always like using the analogy that the body is just like a car engine. Anybody familiar with cars understands that you’ve got to allow an engine to be broken in. If the engine has some miles on it then you need to allow it time to warm up after you fire it to ensure you can have an enjoyable trouble free ride.

Fluids have to warm up, hoses have to warm, and the oil itself needs to warm so it can become a bit less viscous and less like maple syrup. All of these factors play into the engine running better lubricated, smoother, faster, and without setbacks. Your body works in the exact same way.

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