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4 MMA Workout Strategies For Optimal Strength And Conditioning

4 MMA Workout Strategies For Optimal Strength And Conditioning

  1. Are you looking to improve your MMA and martial arts athleticism and strength? 
  2. Are you ready to enhance your MMA fight skills for grappling and striking? 
  3. Are you ready to make your body more bulletproof from injury? 
  4. Are you interested in building some real world strength for serious fitness and fight performance? 

I have been fortunate in my lifetime to train in the martial art of Muay Thai under one of the best fighters…my friend and Kru Jeff Perry. Jeff is retired from Muay Thai now, but is still very much a human weapon. I also had the honor of programming Jeff’s MMA workouts for his national title fight to defend his U.S. title belt back in 2003.

Since then both Jeff and myself have helped to train several Thai and MMA fighters for competition over the years. I genuinely love helping fighters get an advantage putting them through my system and today I want to share with you a few MMA workout strategies to help you elevate your fight game and supercharge your performance in the ring!

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