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Can Mental Toughness Be Coached?

Can Mental Toughness Be Coached?

The original publishing date of today’s article was back on March 30, 2017.

I decided to pull this one from the archives because I thought it was due. Mindset is a huge part of what I like to address because everything you (or I) will do in training and in life begins with the mind.

Mental toughness is a commonly used phrase, but I wanted to breakdown this subject a bit further here in order shed some additional light on the subject for you to digest. Read and apply!

After 15 years of coaching experience, training courses, continuing education, and many other levels of professional and personal development the one single variable that matters most when it comes to building on one’s fitness, strength, and performance is your state of mind. The mental side of life is what carries us. It’s the catalyst and the sustainability of a given behavior. Mental toughness is in short supply these days, but it’s not something that is completely extinct.

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