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Can Mental Toughness Be Coached?

After 15 years of coaching experience, training courses, continuing education, and many other levels of professional and personal development the one single variable that matters most when it comes to building on one’s fitness, strength, and performance is our state of mind. The mental side of life is what carries us. It’s the catalyst and […]

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Devolving Strength: The Lost Meaning Of Earning

There is a raging fire within some of us. Some of us have a desire to push and to discover what we can do with our minds and bodies in different scenarios. The essential trait for nurturing such a spirit, or desire is patience and persistence. Patience and persistence are dying traits in today’s world…and […]

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The Committed vs. The Uncommitted

Today the BRF blog is diving into a topic that makes or breaks just about every endeavor, or pursuit you will ever have in life. This is something that I’m very passionate about and it involves the committed vs. the uncommitted. For starters, I am always excited and honored to meet committed individuals that will set their […]

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