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Mindset Fitness Growth: Creating Chaos, Order, And Results

Mindset Fitness Growth: Creating Chaos, Order, And Results

  1. Do you have a sense urgency about your life? 
  2. Are you executing smaller goals to get you to bigger goals? 
  3. Are you systematic in your approach to hit your goals and to get the job done? 
  4. Do you create your own chaos and your own order? 

Your mindset fitness will dictate everyone of your outcomes. Last Tuesday a man approached me out at the park when he saw me getting in an outdoor training session. I had just decided to get in the day’s training and wanted to enjoy the weather as it was the perfect temperature.  A guy that looked to be in his 50’s approached me asking about the training. I had just finished a workout with some bodyweight push-ups and HIIT.

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