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5 Athletic Strength Exercises For Fighting

5 Athletic Strength Exercises For Fighting

The original publishing date of today’s post was back on June, 12 2018.

If you’re currently training in martial arts, or MMA then you need to invest the time to hone your athleticism. As a strength coach I notice that athletic strength is one of the first elements that fighters tend to put on the shelf.

This mindset traditionally derives from the thought that one can get all the strength and athleticism they need from their specific sport. However this is not the case. Learn how to utilize these strength exercises to enhance your MMA and martial arts fitness.

  1. Are you competitive in martial arts, or MMA and looking for a way to build more athleticism? 
  2. Do you have an interest in speeding up your performance for your martial arts practice? 
  3. Are you looking to build strength to improve your strikes and/or grappling skills? 
  4. Are you interested in building more athletic strength to enhance your coordination and reaction time? 

Whether you’re a martial arts practitioner, or looking to get seriously competitive in MMA you need to hone a good portion of your strength exercises to develop your athleticism. Consequently, without the added development of coordination and speed you may end up being somebody’s punching, or kicking bag during a tough sparring session. So today I’m going to provide you with some strength exercises to make your striking and grappling skills much tougher for your opponent.

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