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Outdoor MMA Strength Training And Performance

Outdoor MMA Strength Training And Performance

  1. Are you familiar with how an outdoor arena can transform your MMA strength training program? 
  2. Are you looking for dynamic strength drills to significantly improve your fitness and MMA strength training program? 
  3. Do you feel like you can’t develop an MMA strength training program without the availability of a fully stocked gym? 
  4. Are you interested in building a lean, strong, athletic body that is fit for fighting? 

There are many advantages to taking your MMA strength training outside. Over the years I’ve taken many fighters outdoors for their MMA strength training sessions. The thing is that space can dictate how you approach your day’s training. With more space you’re capable of performing movements that might not be feasible for an indoor environment. Continue reading to learn more.

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Big Time Functional Fitness:  The P.P.T. Rule For Getting In Tip Top Shape!

Big Time Functional Fitness: The P.P.T. Rule For Getting In Tip Top Shape!

I just recently touched on an element of training that I like to refer to as the P.P.T rule that I like to utilize with my athletes on a fairly regular basis. I often have a different approach with a lot of my clients and athletes when it comes to fitness and strength and this particular method can certainly fall into that category.  If you like training outdoors then this should be right up your alley. Take a minute to read and include this strategy into your strength and conditioning program if you are a fierce competitor that likes beating up on the competition! Feel free to let me know how it works for you my friend.

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