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Single Limb Training: Moving With Fluidity And Symmetry

Single Limb Training: Moving With Fluidity And Symmetry

The original publishing date of today’s article was back on March 3, 2016.

Single limb training serves a crucial role in my training programs. The key to building strength is making sure you are capable of moving uninhibited. One way to eliminate inhibition is to make sure that your training focuses on symmetry.

Single limb training plays a huge role here in helping you to develop significant symmetry enabling you to move with greater fluidity. Read and apply!

  1. Do you taper your workouts by prioritizing the execution of bigger movements to smaller movements? 
  2. Are you regularly incorporating single limb training into your workouts? 
  3. Do you focus on developing symmetry and balance in your training? 

Over the years I have always approached strength development by tapering down a day’s workout by beginning with the most demanding movements and transitioning down to performing smaller accessory work. The idea here is to build absolute strength right out of the gate…and then move on to optimally developing movement and symmetry next. In today’s article I want to shift the focus to the latter as single limb training is one great way to build that symmetry and movement.

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