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Free Weights vs. Machines In Strength Training

So there is that age old question that has bounced around inside of yours and everyone else’s head at one time or another about the matchup between free weights and machines. Which one is better? Is one good? Is one bad? Well today we’re going to examine that very thing my young Jedi of strength.

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Training For Symmetry And Performance

So how many times have you walked into your local gym and seen the guy with all chest and no back? What about the guy that doesn’t realize thatĀ the squat rack actually exists and perhaps believesĀ it should be used for curling instead of…(you guessed it) squatting? Neglecting to train for symmetry can certainly get a […]

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The Bench Press…Overrated?

So the topic of today’s discussion is going to involve the good ole bench press. So what can I say about the bench press other than the fact that it is probably the most misused and abused exercise involving the upper body and free weights since the invention of strength training, period. Often trainees that […]

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