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Knowing Your Energy Systems And Strength Training With A Purpose

Knowing Your Energy Systems And Strength Training With A Purpose

  1. Did you know that understanding your energy systems will completely shape the way you prepare and train for a sport, fitness goal, or life situation?
  1. Did you know that whether you’re training to prepare for an MMA fight, the upcoming football season, or for and endurance event like a long distance swim the energy systems that you harness can make, OR break your success?
  1. Did you know that by applying and programming for the correct energy system you will completely transform your fitness level?

So for today’s topic I’m going to discuss the importance of bioenergetics (energy systems) as it pertains to your biological processes and it’s application to your strength training program. Ok I know what you’re thinking. Coach what in the hell are you talking about? That’s a great question and I’m going to work hard to clear that up right here in this article.

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