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3 Top HIIT Workouts For MMA Fitness

3 Top HIIT Workouts For MMA Fitness

  1. Do you feel that your fitness level and conditioning have hit a plateau?
  2. Do you feel like you’re not improving with your MMA and Combat skills as fast as you should?
  3. Aside from being functional for fitness, MMA, and Combat are you also frustrated that you aren’t leaning out and developing a lean body composition from your training?
  4. Are you familiar with HIIT workouts?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then this article (particularly with question 4 relating to HIIT Workouts) then this should be of great help to you. So everybody is hung up on the high intensity programs these days and as a strength coach I’ve always had a love–hate relationship with this because I think some training fads tend to get blown out of proportion. I think this is because with the tremendous influx of information due to the internet it often seems like people tend to offer solutions to training by painting with a broad brush, or by defaulting to metaphorically trying to use a hammer for both nails and screws.

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