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3 Guaranteed Ways To Build Hard Lean Muscle As Fast As Possible

3 Guaranteed Ways To Build Hard Lean Muscle As Fast As Possible

  1. Are you serious about trying to build lean muscle? 
  2. Are your workouts producing optimal fitness and optimal results? 
  3. Are you looking to get straight to the point with your training concerning results? 
  4. Are your lean muscle gains coming too slowly for your expectations? 

People are motivated by different things, but when it comes to building lean muscle this always seems to find a spot in the equation. When it comes to fitness what do you value? Are you motivated to look better? Are you motivated to feel better? Are you motivated to perform better for the purpose of competition? Are you just motivated to burn off that $3.00 combo value meal?

I only ask these questions because the thing that makes one individual tick may not have any bearing on the next person. Well no matter what motivates you the thing that makes all of this work is lean hard muscle and today I want to talk about three guaranteed ways you can achieve just that!

Why You’re Not Gaining Lean Muscle

Most people are looking for ways to build lean muscle, but the one biggest reason that holds people back is the lack of follow through. That’s right, most people just don’t follow through on all fronts on a consistent basis when attempting to gain lean muscle. When it comes to building lean muscle and fitness you have to be comprehensive in your approach.

Aside from variables such as training modality, training philosophy, equipment, resources, etc. the real reasons concerning the failure of people to build lean hard muscle is the lack of commitment and dedication. It really is that simple. People these days just sort of want to do things and sort of wanting to do things really leads to getting nothing done at all.

I have met several people over the years that were in reasonably good shape and were capable of doing some impressive things in terms of strength and athleticism, but lacked a discipline in nutrition and were lacking in the building lean muscle as a result. This is a concrete example of failing to follow through in all areas.

How To Build Lean Muscle

Perform Major Multi-Joint Lifts: Performing major multi-joint lifts such as squats, deadlifts, and variations of bench press helps to recruit big muscle groups in turn driving a higher demand on the metabolism to help you burn a shitload more calories. By consistently performing multi-joint movements you’re going to get much more out of your training.

That’s right, major multi-joint lifts leverage more muscle and stress your body’s nervous system to a higher degree in order to build strength. The more strength you have the more muscle you have and the more muscle you have the more calories you burn, period. This will lead to a higher basal metabolic rate and you are able to burn calories at a higher level with a more actively trained body. Raising the basal metabolic rate allows you to burn these calories at a high level even when you are at rest.

The beauty of performing multi-joint lifts is that they can be easily done with, or without equipment. Squats are great in that they can be done with your own body resistance, but if you need to intensify the movement you can incorporate a kettlebell for a goblet squat, or a single barbell for some effective front squats.

As you can see the benefit here is that these can be performed with a barbell and with moderate resistance. The need for a rack, or additional load is not completely necessary. By performing the lift with a high level of proficiency you can maximize tension and challenge the muscle with a quality and complete ROM.

You can utilize obtain tremendous lean muscle gains by shifting the focus of the lift from simply trying to lift more weight to striving to lift with a higher degree of quality. Don’t misunderstand me you can always obtain benefits from lifting a heavier load, however this is not the ONLY way, but rather A single way to do it.

Perform Dynamic Movements And Lifts That Demand Higher Levels Of Coordination: This is something that I’m a big believer of doing especially because movements that require more focus, skill, and coordination can truly stress the nervous system and force us to utilize muscles that we are normally not used to recruiting.

Once again these movements may also be multi-joint in nature, but the difference is that these movements may require different coordination and stress to get us moving in different ways. These types of movements should focus on enhancing kinesthetic learning and proprioceptive awareness.

One way I like to implement such movement and skill is to leverage the use of kettlebells. The swing, clean, and press lift is a highly effective lift that can yield such qualities as I’ve mentioned here. Give these a try. Start slow and steadily progress through the movement.

As you can see this movement does require a respectable level of technique and coordination in order to pull it off. Before leveraging this movement the single arm clean, the single arm swing, and the single arm kettlebell press must be learned first.

Perform Sprint And Sprint Variation Intervals: Another tried and true way to strip down body fat and to build a high level of lean muscle mass is performing sprint and sprint variation intervals. The reason I say sprint variations is that other related sprint type movements (other than linear sprinting) can be leveraged to acquire the same results and to stress the body in a very intense way.

Of course performing 30, 40, 50, and 100 yard sprints are hugely beneficial, but if space and time are an issue for you there are other variations of high intense sprint related work you can perform to acquire the same results. One great way to do this is by hammering out a set of acceleration/deceleration cone drills. This drill will absolutely humble you the first time you do it.

These cone acceleration/deceleration drills are very demanding on the legs and build tremendous anaerobic work capacity. The great thing about this drill is that it can be done in a relatively small space. I like to perform this drill with 6 to 8 cones depending on the fitness and ability level of the given trainee. You can play with the number and scale it to maximize your training.

Keep in mind that this drill can also be intensified further by performing the runs by loading with a weighted vest, or by adding in jumps when decelerating on the cones. As you progress the variations are virtually endless. Start incorporating these into your training a couple times a month and report back to me on your progress.

In Closing

The point here is that if you implement these three strategies on a consistent basis I guarantee that you’ll pack on some hard lean muscle. Everyone single one of these are at the foundation of my programming and are field tested.

If you want to build lean hard muscle you’ve got to be consistent, but you’ve got to be consistent with a strength and conditioning plan that will give you the most bang for your buck! Why waste time and energy on anything else?

Are you currently incorporating any sprint variations into your current training? 

Are you getting results with your current training in terms of building lean muscle mass? 

Are you interested in learning more about how to speed up this process with training that works? 

Post up and share here below in the comments. 

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